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Cupcakes in Need!


News Release - 16th November 2011:
Cupcakes in Need (of good homes)
Chefs at the award-winning Grange Hotel in Bootham have decided to practise their culinary skills whilst raising money for this year’s Children in Need appeal. 
Led by Head Chef Chris Finnigan, the team have baked a range of tasty cupcakes, and reception staff, and staff in The Grange’s two restaurants, the Ivy and the New York Grill, will be selling the cupcakes throughout Friday, in order to raise as much money as possible for Children in Need.
The Grange’s General Manager is George Briffa. “We want every single cupcake to go to a good home”, he said. “Guests and customers can either eat them at the hotel, or why not take half a dozen home for the family and help us raise funds for this great cause”, he added.
“Our Head Chef, Chris, has worked with Michelin Starred chefs such as Raymond Blanc, but we’ve found out he had a guilty secret all this time – cupcakes!”.
“Whilst some of our guests might think of cupcakes as a modern delicacy, the first mention of the cupcake can be traced back as far as 1796, so they do in fact fit in nicely with The Grange’s sense of tradition and our fantastic history here in York”, added Chris Finnigan.
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